Egyptian opposition figure arrested after claiming there are ‘secret’ files on government leaders

“We have always advocated for free and fair elections, transparent elections, not just for Egypt but in any country,” Mr Tillerson said. 

Mr Genena was attacked outside his home in New Cairo, on the southeastern border of the capital, on January 27, in what he said was a failed kidnapping attempt by thugs working on behalf of the government. 

In an interview with The Telegraph after the attack, Mr Genena spoke despairingly about the state of democracy in Egypt and said Mr Sisi’s rule was more repressive than that of Hosni Mubarak, the longtime dictator overthrown in 2011. 

“I can’t understand: are we living under the rule of law or law of the jungle, where the one who has the power controls everything and can confiscate justice and human rights?” he said.

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